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San Jose, CA, 95112

Iterum takes watch movements from the 1940's-1960's and give them new lives in a modern stainless steel case and a dial reflecting the classic style of military watches. New watches salvaged from vintage movements.

Warranty and caring for your watch

Iterum builds new watches from vintage mechanical watch movements. Proper care will ensure your watch keeps accurate time for decades to come.

Iterum disassembles, cleans, replaces the mainspring, and oils all watches. Each watch is timed in multiple positions and adjusted to ensure the watch is running properly to within a few seconds each day. If you experience any issues with your watch within the first 30 days we will be happy to repair or replace. If for some reason the movement needs to be replaced, we will offer several choices from what is available. Since the movements are vintage it may not be possible to find an exact replacement, but we will work hard to make sure we find something that makes you happy.

It is recommended to wind your watch at approximately the same time each day to ensure that the mainspring is wound and operating at maximum power. Iterum watches will last for more than 24 hours when fully wound. Wind the watch with a constant force and stop when you feel resistance. There is no such thing as an "over wound" watch and there is no harm in winding until you feel firm resistance, but do not attempt to force it past that point. The advantage of wearing an automatic watch is that the mainspring winds using an oscillating weight which moves as your arm does during normal activity. Wearing an automatic watch every day would result in a fully wound watch each day assuming normal arm movements during the day. If you skip a day or more wearing the watch then it is recommended to wind it from the stem to give it a start. Wearing the watch after winding it first from the stem will keep it fully wound throughout the day. If you do not wear your watch for some time it is a good idea to wind the watch once per week.

Mechanical watches should be serviced every 3-5 years. When you bring your watch in for service it would be helpful to provide the watchmaker with the information you will receive at the time of purchase including the manufacturer and model number of the watch movement. Service with a reputable watchmaker should always include disassembly, inspection of all parts, cleaning, oiling, new mainspring, oiling or replacement of gaskets, and timing to ensure proper function.