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San Jose, CA, 95112

Iterum takes watch movements from the 1940's-1960's and give them new lives in a modern stainless steel case and a dial reflecting the classic style of military watches. New watches salvaged from vintage movements.

Story of a watch

Iterum builds new watches from vintage mechanical watch movements. These vintage watches are decades old and come from an era when every gentleman needed a watch both for work and for leisure.

The watches Iterum produces incorporate vintage movements with a new dial and a modern case. The movements we use come from an era when watches were a necessity in a man's life. The 1940's through the 1960's saw manufacturers produce affordable, quality watch movements allowing every man the luxury of knowing the current time no matter his location.

Most of the movements Iterum uses are 17 jewel manual wind movements although we will offer automatic movements as often as possible. When you buy a watch from Iterum, we will provide you with all of the information we have been able to gather on it including the producer, approximate year of production, technical details, and photos of assembled and disassembled movement. Each watch movement is a beautiful piece of engineering that should be seen which is why all Iterum cases have see-through backs and why we provide several high resolution images to the buyer of the watch. Click here to see example photos similar to what you will receive with a purchase.