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Iterum takes watch movements from the 1940's-1960's and give them new lives in a modern stainless steel case and a dial reflecting the classic style of military watches. New watches salvaged from vintage movements.

Calvert AS 1187

Iterum builds new watches from vintage mechanical watch movements. This watch using a Calvert branded AS 1187 movement is available for purchase.


This Calvert branded AS 1194 has gold colored rings around the jewels on the wheel bridge. Cap jewels are used on the fourth wheel and escape wheel. The balance is protected by an Incabloc shock system.

The hour and minute hands are vintage. They were stripped, cleaned, painted, and lumed. The second hand is also vintage and was not repainted.

Winding: Manual wind 
Maker: Calvert
Country of origin: Swiss
Caliber: AS 1187
Jewels: 17
Production date: ca 1950


The color of the hands closely matches the color of the dial in normal light. The hands glow with a green tint in the dark.


The letters "EON" on the balance cock is the US import code for Calvert.

Text found on the train bridge includes "SEVENTEEN 17 JEWELS" and "CALVERT WATCH CO." which is self explanatory.

The barrel bridge contains the text "UNADJUSTED" meaning that at production time the movement wasn't adjusted for temperature, isochronism, and multiple positions which is normally only done for expensive, high-end movements. Before shipping the movement would have gone through minimum adjusting to make sure that it ran within specifications. Visible on the barrel bridge in the picture below is the text "SWISS" which indicates the movement was produced in Switzerland.


The picture above shows the balance and balance cock on the main plate. The jewels have not been added back to the balance cock.


The movement stamp on the main plate has the logo for A. Schild and the caliber 1187.


Iterum model number: calvertas1187-001
Case: Stainless steel, sapphire crystal front and back, 35.5mm
Strap: Brown leather strap from Goriani
Hands: Luminous hands

Price: $350
Shipping: $12.65 (USPS medium flat rate)
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