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San Jose, CA, 95112

Iterum takes watch movements from the 1940's-1960's and give them new lives in a modern stainless steel case and a dial reflecting the classic style of military watches. New watches salvaged from vintage movements.

How Your Watch Was Built

Iterum builds new watches from vintage mechanical watch movements. Each movement is stripped down, cleaned, and oiled before starting a new life as an Iterum watch.

Iterum watchmaker tools

Every watch starts with a movement. Iterum chooses high-quality jeweled movements from the 1940's through 1960's that we know will provide good service for years and also have an interesting visual component. Most movements are Swiss, have 17 jewels, and are hand wound. Every movement is fully serviced, given a new mainspring, and timed for accuracy. 

The case is stainless steel with a see-through back so that the movement can be viewed.

The dial is designed to reflect the style of military watches from the 1950's. Iterum uses vintage hands either original to the movement or from a similar movement. The hands are stripped, sanded, and repainted. Hands that are designed for luminous paint have fresh paint applied. In the cases where original hands are not available, new hands made especially for Iterum are used.


The strap is leather. Iterum sources straps from a few leatherworkers. Information about the strap producer is provided so that you can meet the artist and know where your strap was sourced. Although a particular strap is paired with each watch, there may be a few other styles available to choose from.  Please contact us if you see another strap that you would like with a particular watch.